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Juliet Bennett

Nursing Practice Educator

Juliet has 25 years HIV nursing experience in a variety of settings and a special interest in medicines related behaviours. Specialising in HIV from 1992 she was responsible for leading the development of adherence support services at Chelsea & Westminster Hospital. For the last 7 years Juliet has worked independently as a consultant to the NHS, pharmaceutical industry and in healthcare-related education. In this capacity she has trained, presented and written widely for Nurses and Professionals Allied to Medicine. Juliet currently sits on the National HIV Nurses Association Executive Committee for her second term, as Journal Officer with additional roles on the Education Subcommittee and Competencies Working Group.

Michelle Croston

Senior Lecturer, Manchester Metropolitan University; Advance Nurse Practitioner, North Manchester General Hospital

Lecturer, Manchester Metropolitan University; Specialist Nurse, North Manchester General Hospital

Liz Foote

HIV Community Specialist Nurse, Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen University Hospitals Trust

Liz began her career in HIV/AIDS in 1996 at Addenbrookes hospital on their Infectious diseases unit and then at Mildmay Hospital in London. She worked as an HIV nurse in Phnom Penh, Cambodia for three years, managed a team of Cambodian nurses and ran an HIV community home care project in the slums where with had approximately 350 HIV positive patients on our list. The three years were incredibly hard, witnessing people die in the most inhumane and raw ways, but extremely rewarding too.

She has a Masters in Drug Use and Addiction and am a Non-Medical prescriber and worked as a Macmillan nurse for four years. She currently work as a community HIV clinical nurse specialist in Liverpool and believes in equity for all people and feels passionate about working with vulnerable and stigmatised groups.

Ian Hodgson

Independent Consultant HIV Education and Research

Ian is a consultant who engages with civil society in activities around HIV advocacy, capacity building, research and evaluations, writing and editing, documentation, and onsite training. Recent consultancies include: European AIDS Treatment Group (EATG); HIV/AIDS Asia Regional Programme (HAARP); International HIV/AIDS Alliance; Swiss Positivrat; Irish Forum for Global Health and Oxfam Ireland.

His specialties are qualitative research, project evaluations, communication and electronic networking, writing and editing, and education. He has worked internationally and is a reviewer for academic and professional journals, including: AIDS Care; African Journal of HIV Research; BMC Public Health; HIV Nursing; International Journal of Nursing studies; Journal of Advanced Nursing; Journal of the International AIDS Society; Lancet HIV; Psychology and Medicine.

James Meek

Senior Lecturer University of Central Lancashire, Preston

James has worked in sexual health services since 2007, working in a combination of genito-urinary medicine (GUM), contraception and chlamydia screening clinics. His most recent role was as a HIV & GUM clinical nurse specialist at a local GUM clinic, where he still undertakes bank sessional work to maintain his clinical competencies. He and the team won ‘Team of the Year’ for their work in reducing waiting times for patients attending the walk in based services. He has also currently works for Brook, a sexual health charity dedicated to working with young people.

At the University of Central Lancashire, James module leads, teaches and supports students across both the undergraduate and postgraduate sexual health curriculum, in addition to contributing to the pre and post-registration Nursing and Midwifery pathways.

Jim Stanford

Clinical Team Leader, Sussex Beacon

Jim has worked, taught and undertaken research into HIV for 30 years, working in the NHS and in the charitable sector, in community nursing and inpatients units. He is a Clinincal Nurse Specialist, Clinical Team Leader and District Nurse. Jim has written HIV articles throughout his career, made numerous academic and research presentations and been an active member of various professional and peer action committees. He is currently Clinical Team Leader at Sussex Beacon. His interests include patient activation, peer monitoring and combatting HIV-related stigma, as well as health promotion, team management, and staff training. his hobbies include gardening, kickboxing and opera.

John McLuskey

Associate Professor,
University of Nottingham, UK

John has been a nurse for nearly 30 years with experience in both the NHS and private sector in a variety of roles. He is passionate about the influence of evidence on patient experience, the role of the nurse and healthcare delivery so the last 17 years have been spent working in nurse education. Currently he is an Assocites Professor of Nursing with in the School of Health Sciences at the University of Nottinghsam. Since the late 1990s he has delivered undergraduate and postgraduate education

Shaun Watson

Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, London

Shaun has 20 years experience ranging from specialist units to ward and hospice management, via positive self-management training, adherence support and teaching. He works within the, now huge, Central London Community Healthcare trust – three primary care trusts rolled into one, with more changes and some uncertainty on the horizon. However, within these changing times there will be the exciting prospect of promoting and advancing the role of the CNS through a new central London service. We sometimes forget the wealth of knowledge and experience embodied in our work, and putting it down in our journal is presents a valuable learning opportunity.

Advisory Panel

Nathaniel Brito-Ault

Specialist field: adult HIV
Consultant HIV Nurse, Grahame Hayton Unit, Barts and the London NHS Trust

Pauline Jelliman

Specialist field: community, Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen University Hospitals Trust

Angelina Namiba

Specialist field: from pregnancy to baby and beyond
Project Manager, Positively UK

Katie Rowson

Specialist field: paediatric HIV
Paediatric Nurse Specialist, Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust; Research Nurse, MRC Clinical Trials Unit at UCL

Judith Sunderland

Specialist field: HIV midwifery
Lead Midwife for Education, City University London