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Forthcoming Events

6th World Congress on Control and Prevention of HIV/AIDs, STDs & STIs

Zurich, Switzerland
27-Aug-2018 to 29-Aug-2018

Research Methods: HIV, Sexual Health and Infectious Diseases short course

UCL, London
10-Sep-2018 to 13-Sep-2018

HIV Pharmacy Association (HIVPA) Study Day


Australasian HIV & AIDS Conference (ASHM)

Sydney, Australia
24-Sep-2018 to 26-Sep-2018

Nursing in Practice

London, UK

BHIVA Autumn Conference

London, UK
04-Oct-2018 to 05-Oct-2018


Madrid, Spain
22-Oct-2018 to 25-Oct-2018

27th International Workshop on HIV Drug Resistance and Treatment Strategies

Johannesburgh, South Africa
22-Oct-2018 to 23-Oct-2018

4th Southern African HIV Clinicians Society Conference

Johannesburgh, South Africa
24-Oct-2018 to 27-Oct-2018

HIV Drug Therapy

Glasgow, Scotland
28-Oct-2018 to 31-Oct-2018

HIV Drug Therapy

Glasgow, Scotland
28-Oct-2018 to 31-Oct-2018

6th International Conference on HIV/AIDS, STDs and STIs

Zurich, Switzerland
29-Oct-2018 to 30-Oct-2018

IUSTI AP Sexual Health Congress 2018

Aukland, New Zealand

BHIVA World AIDS Day Event 2018


HepHIV 2019

Bucharest, Rumania
28-Jan-2019 to 30-Jan-2019

National HIV Prevention Conference

Atlanta, Georgia, USA
18-Mar-2019 to 21-Mar-2019

25th Annual BHIVA Conference

Bournemouth UK
02-Apr-2019 to 05-Apr-2019

STI & HIV 2019 World Conference (Joint Meeting of the 23rd ISSTDR and 20th IUSTI)

Vancouver, Canada
14-Jul-2019 to 17-Jul-2019