HIV and frailty: Just another symptom?

It seems obvious doesn’t it: we get older we get frailer. But are the two things automatically connected, and what is frailty? To some it’s generalised weakness, the inability to complete activities of living, or is it just an affliction of old age?

Shaun Watson
Clinical Nurse Specialist

A hepatitis B-screening outreach clinic for the Chinese community

An estimated 2 billion people worldwide have been infected with the hepatitis B virus (HBV) and more than 350 million have chronic infections. HBV infection is an established cause of both acute and chronic hepatitis.

Sara Davis
Sexual health nurse, 56 Dean St Clinic

Dean Street

Europe’s first venereal disease (VD) clinic for men was set up in Dean Street, Soho, London in 1862. Though much has changed since then, Soho continues to be a vibrant and cosmopolitan area, particularly for LGBT Londoners. The ethos of the Dean Street Wellbeing programme is if people experience good general wellbeing, and benefit from inclusion and participation in their communities, good sexual health will result by default.

David Stuart & Leigh Chislett
56 Dean Street, Chelsea & Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Resourcing peer support volunteers in HIV prevention and sexual wellbeing: NHS settings

Nursing staff in sexual health and HIV settings may find themselves busier than ever before, as HIV diagnoses amongst gay, bisexual and other men who have sex with men (MSM) continue to rise. in a climate of cuts and austerity, this is a concern. Read about 56 Dean Street's solution.

David Stuart
56 Dean Street

How could a smartphone app improve health outcomes for HIV-positive MSM?

This article discusses the development and thinking behind a smartphone application, called Positive Thinking that aims to promote improved health outcomes, such as medication adherence, through the use of technology-based education and to support newly diagnosed men who have sex with men.

HIV Nursing 2017; 17(2): 54–56

Jaz Hudson & Michelle Croston
Student Nurse & Senior Lecturer, Advance Nurse Practitioner

What is known from the existing literature about men living with HIV, erectile dysfunction and role of HIV nurses: a scoping review

This article reviews the current literature regarding HIV and erectile dysfunction. The article will explore why erectile dysfunction is more common in men who are HIV positive as appose to men who do not have HIV. HIV Nursing 2017; 17: 96–102

James Meek & Michelle Croston
Senior Lecturer, University of Central Lancashire & Senior Lecturer, Manchester Metropolitan University

HIV Nursing

Sharing best practice in HIV care

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