The elephant in the room?

The question of addiction as it relates to drug/alcohol use and sexual behaviours: raising the issue with patients

Steve Barlow
Counsellor and Clinical Supervisor in Private Practice

From Preston to Zambia: what can student children’s nurses learn from a two-week placement?

Sexual and reproductive health (SRH) promotion aimed at children and young people is particularly relevant in Zambia as a high proportion of the population of children and adolescents are HIV positive (150,000) or AIDS orphans (600,000).

Linda Sanderson, James Meek, Debbie Brittain, Abigail Heath, Zoe Wood
Senior Lecturer,Senior Lecturer,Senior Lecturer,Student Nurse,Student Nurse, University of Central Lancashire

HIV prevention revolution

Over the past 3 years, there have been major breakthroughs in the science of HIV prevention, especially in our understanding of how ART impacts on the transmissibility of HIV and the role that ARVs can play outside the context of treatment. HIV prevention needs a comprehensive response involving combining different approaches on the biomedical, behavioural and social levels.

Rebekah Webb
European AIDS Treatment Group

Rewriting the Patient Champion: a report on creative innovations in patient empowerment

Patient Champion is a rather grandiose title for a role that aims to empower patients, and give them a voice within their healthcare service. Community engagement can be a potent tool in improving wellbeing within patient cohorts. It offers strategies to, for example, achieve better collective mental health, or for working with people who have been marginalised by wider society.

Patrick Cash & Laurie Poole
Patient Champion, 56 Dean Street & 2Let’s Talk About Gay Sex & Drugs, Researcher

Barriers, solutions, and progress: nurses are central to improving and expanding HIV care and supp

Welcome to the 2016 winter issue of HIV Nursing. This bumper edition has a strong focus on international issues. As always, we invite feedback on these articles and if you would like to comment, please send a message to

Ian Hodgson
Independent Consultant

Stigma and HIV: the current situation

As health professionals we aim to do the best we can for our patients by attempting to address these problems and providing working solutions for them. But do we always address one of the main challenges faced by those living with HIV: stigma. Long-standing evidence proves that stigma poses a major issue in HIV care and not only affects those living with HIV but the people around them.

HIV Nursing 2017; 17(2): 57–62

Kyle Carabini
HIV and Sexual Health Research Nurse

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