Issue 16.3

Is Wikipedia suitable as a learning resource for nursing and healthcare students?

The way in which students learn has changed considerably, with them accessing electronic resources in a variety of ways. Students do not just read textbooks and journals; instead they use the World Wide Web to access information. So what are they accessing and how reliable is it? Should we allow nursing and healthcare students to use Wikipedia as a resource in their academic work?

James Meek
Senior Lecturer, University of Central Lancashire

The effectiveness of workplace interventions to reduce HIV-related stigma amongst healthcare professionals

The aim of this study was to undertake a systematic review and critically appraise research to investigate the effectiveness of workplace interventions to reduce HIV-related stigma amongst healthcare providers. The evidence shows a great deal more research needs to be undertaken, all using the same, validated measurement tool of stigma, to investigate the biomedical and health effects stigma-reducing interventions have on PLWH.

Megan Hill & Catrin Evans
Staff Nurse, Royal London Hospital & Associate Professor, University of Nottingham

An exploration of student mental health nurses’ narratives about working with service users living with HIV

This article reviews student mental health nurses' narratives of working with service users with mental health problems and HIV. It is an explorative study including two student narratives reviewing their experiences. This study could be replicated on a larger scale to further explore students’ experiences of working with this service user group.

James Meek, Emma Jones, Nicola Kennedy, Martin Jones
Senior Lecturer,University of Central Lancashire,Student Mental Health Nurse,University of Central Lancashire

The nurses of the future: HIV education, where is it on the curriculum?

This article explores pre-registration nurses’ exposure to HIV education. Using a combination of clinical and academic reflections the article aims to establish how student nurses develop their passion for caring for people living with HIV. Within the article a way forward is discussed with a view to improve care for people living with HIV and also ensuring that HIV education is firmly embedded within the pre-registration nurse curriculum.

Michelle Croston
Specialist Nurse, North Manchester General Hospital and Senior Lecturer, Manchester Metropolitan University

Increasing HIV awareness for young people through a creative and student-led assessment strategy

According to the World Health Organisation, 34% of all newly diagnosed global HIV infections are attributed to 15–24 year olds. It is recognised that health promotion for this age group holds complex barriers, largely arising from hesitancy to confront sexual issues. A fresh, imaginative promotion idea is described here.

Jade Johnson
Student Nurse, University of Central Lancashire

Experiences of stigma and discrimination in healthcare towards people living with HIV: how can this be addressed?

Stigma and discrimination towards people living with HIV remains a global challenge within healthcare today and it is largely caused by lack of knowledge regarding methods of transmission. There is a very great need for education to address the issue.

Sarah Skundric
Manchester Metropolitan University

What influences the uptake of the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine in males: a public health approach

In the UK vaccination programme, HPV vaccination is predominantly promoted as a female public health concern, and vaccination is aimed at girls aged 12–13 years old. Recent studies in HPV vaccination have shown health benefits for males in the prevention of ano-genital and penile cancer and genital warts. Despite male vaccination being supported by significant national and international organisations, in the UK it has come down to a cost-effectiveness issue, which raises many ethical questions.

Jade Hill
Faculty of Nursing, Manchester Metropolitan University

Book review: Body Counts – A Memoir of Activism, Sex, and Survival

'As I’ve survived longer, I’ve felt more of a compulsion to bear witness…there are fewer and fewer people alive who were there who can speak first hand as to what it was like.’ Few have articulated so honestly, and in such depth, what was taking place in the earliest days of the HIV epidemic, but Sean Strub can and does just this. This is a powerful and moving book which I would recommend to anybody as a story of resilience and survival.

Juliet Bennett
Independent Nurse Advisor

How to conduct a literature review: a process that should be familiar to nurses

Writing and research can be challenging for nurses at undergraduate and postgraduate level; however, understanding the process and developing the skills to conduct a literature review with a staged strategy will positively affect care delivery.

Katie Rowson
University of Central Lancashire

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