Issue 17.1

Continuum of care for children and adolescents within a European setting: a patient-centred approach

This is a descriptive study of all HIV-infected paediatric patients in care at the adult unit of infectious diseases of IRCCS AOU San Martino-IST in Genoa, Italy. To improve retention in care, a dedicated day with a patient-customised environment was established and a multidisciplinary approach was adopted. Psychological support and counselling was provided as well as memory aids, such as texts and phone calls. Self-management and educational activities were encouraged. Adherence-support devices were used and treatment personalisation was implemented. Laboratory and pharmacology data was automatically updated from an electronic health record in a structured query language (SQL) database, accessible with a web interface.

HIV Nursing 2017; 17: 31–33.

Ambra Righetti, Loredana Nulvesco, Lucia Taramasso, Federica Portunato, Piero Cai, Giovanna Ferrandes, Mauro Giacomini, Barbara Giannini, Claudio Viscoli, Antonio Di Biagio
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HIV Nursing

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