Issue 17.4

Case study: ageing HIV-positive drug users

Approximately 25% of HIV-positive adults accessing care in the UK are aged over 50 years. Due to the success of highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART), people living with HIV now have a life expectancy that is only slightly shorter than people who are not infected.Many drug users who were infected in the mid-1980s, but survived due to the introduction of ART, are now in this age bracket.

Linda Panton
Senior Charge Nurse, Edinburgh, NHS Lothian

Case study: Battle of the CQUINS

Commissioning for Quality and Innovation (CQUIN) national goals was introduced as a system in 2009. It made a proportion of healthcare providers’ income conditional on demonstrating improvements in quality and innovation in specified areas of patient care. Working with patients with HIV and hepatitis C can lead to a conflict between meeting the CQUINS and other targets set for the HIV service.

Ricky Gellissen
Hepatitis Clinical Nurse Specialist, Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, London

Innovative models of nursing care and the role of advanced nursing practice.

The 2017 Australasian HIV & AIDS Conference and Australasian Sexual Health Conference provided an opportunity for healthcare professionals, community organisations and people with lived experiences from countries including Australia, Canada, Fiji, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Thailand, UK and the US to share their knowledge and experiences in the fields of HIV, AIDS, and sexual and reproductive health.

Melinda Hassall & Elizabeth Crock
Clinical Nurse Lead, ASHM & HIV Clinical Nurse Consultant, Bolton Clarke Homeless Person's Program, Vice President ASHM

HIV Nursing

Sharing best practice in HIV care

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