A positive diagnosis of HIV for the over 50s

Sarah Haigh
Retired Manager and Nurse, NHS

Have you ever had certain moments in time when you can remember exactly where you were, even the clothes you or someone close to you wore when something profound happened to you?
I still bear the scar from my earliest recollection when at the age of two I got bitten by my pet cat. I screamed the place down as the cat turned on me when I tried to stuff her head first into our budgie’s cage. I recall the bird not being too pleased either, but he did survive the ordeal unscathed.
I remember so clearly the day my husband texted me on my mobile phone at work with the dreaded words ‘They think I have got HIV.’ The cold feeling that engulfed the pit of my stomach as my head shouted ‘No it’s not real, it can’t be.’ After all, we’d been in a monogamous married relationship for 33 years. Or had we? It still makes me shudder. ‘Can you meet me outside our GP surgery?’ his text continued. I muttered some words to my secretary and drove the 13 miles to the GP surgery, all the time my head kept screaming ‘It’s not real, it can’t be true.’ Surely I would have known? Read more . . .