A UK health visitor in Uganda: Personal reflections

Julie Pearson
Health Visitor, Children’s Services, York Hospital Foundation Trust

In 2012 I was fortunate to spend some time based at Mildmay Hospital in Uganda, as part of my BSc in Specialist Community Public Health Nursing and Health Visiting. This was a real personal journey for me, and gave real insights into some of the challenges, and opportunities, working in an entirely different context to the UK.
Mildmay Uganda was established in Uganda in 1998 to provide quality HIV/AIDS care, treatment, training and education. Since then it has grown to be the biggest HIV care and treatment provider in central Uganda. Currently, around 45,200 people receive care and support from Mildmay Uganda every year – 19,440 adults and 4560 children from the central hospital, and 21,200 people at district level.
As of 2013, there are about 1.2 million people living with HIV in Uganda, and the prevalence rate is 6.5% of adults between 15–49. However, in the central region where Mildmay Uganda is based, only 15% of the population have been tested for HIV, and just 40.5% requiring treatment have access [1]. Read more…