Book review: Living Confidently with HIV: A Self-help Book for People Living with HIV

Michelle Croston
Specialist Nurse, North Manchester General

In the 2016 revised edition of Living confidently with HIV: A Self-help Book for People Living with HIV the authors Shaw, Tacconelli, Watson and Herbert write sensitively about the issues that people living with HIV experience. The resource is an up-to-date self-help book, containing extensive coverage of the issues facing people living with HIV (PLHIV). The resource is written by clinical psychologists in the field of sexual health/HIV, stress and trauma, based on their years of clinical experience and research. The use of testimonials from PLHIV enables a wide range of issues to be explored in a humanistic way. Whether you are a healthcare professional, somebody who is interested in supporting someone living with HIV, or living with HIV yourself, the book is informative, written in a clear and direct style, filled with helpful facts, practical tips and self-help guidelines.
The target audience for this book is adults living with HIV who are experiencing difficulties accepting their diagnosis; experiencing problems adjusting to HIV and finding a way forward in their lives; people who have health problems that interfere with their ability to achieve their goals and who are unsure whether they can cope with the demands facing them; people who feel isolated by their diagnosis; or people who are struggling with strong emotions resulting from having HIV. There is also a focus within the book for patients who would like to work on changing specific areas of their life and would like to re-engage with activities that they may have felt no longer able to pursue as a result of their diagnosis. Currently there is very little written material that can help inform and support people in adjusting to their HIV diagnosis. The book aims to provide people living with HIV with positive ways of coping, through empowering them to live their lives to the full. Read more…