Case series of infertility amongst young women with perinatally acquired HIV: data from a London cohort

Jhia Teh1, Thomas Pasvol1, Sara Ayres2, Caroline Foster2 and Sarah Fidler1
1Imperial College London, UK
2Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, London, UK

Introduction: Increased rates of infertility have been reported in women who acquired HIV horizontally compared to population age-matched normative data. However, few data exist for adults with perinatally acquired HIV (PaHIV), who have been exposed to antiretroviral drugs and/or HIV-associated ill health through childhood and puberty.
Methods: A retrospective case-note review was conducted amongst all female PaHIV patients aged >16 years attending a London clinic.
Results: In total, 119 young women were included, with a median age of 20 years. Three women with PaHIV were diagnosed with infertility: two with primary ovarian insufficiency and one with hypogonadotropic hypogonadism. A further five were under investigation for menstrual irregularities. Of the remaining 111 young women, 17 had successfully conceived.
Conclusion: Overall the reproductive health status for young women with PaHIV was comparable to the general population.

Keywords: HIV, perinatal HIV infection, women, infertility