HIV and diabetes: self-assessment quiz

Test your knowledge and understanding by completing this quiz.You could do this before reading the article and then return afterwards to see how much you have learned.
Add the completed quiz to your professional portfolio as evidence of your learning and remember to record the number of CPD hours spent.
1. The percentage of the population of England and Wales that is currently affected by type 2 diabetes is estimated at?
(a) 1%
(b) 6%
(c) 45%
(d) 20%

2. Which of the following statements are true of type 1 diabetes? (tick all that apply)
(a) Onset of symptoms is gradual
(b)The pancreas stops making insulin completely
(c) Can be caused by an autoimmune response
(d) Can be reversible if treated early

3.Which of the following statements are true of type 2 diabetes?
(a)The condition can be reversed through diet and weight loss
(b) The condition is related to a diet high in trans fats
(c)Genetic factors are not associated with increased risk of developing this
(d)Women who have had gestational diabetes area tan increased risk of T2DM laterin life
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