HIV as a long-term condition and role of the annual health review

Shaun Watson
Clinical Nurse Specialist (HIV Community), Chelsea and Westminster NHS Trust

Living with HIV has changed. Over the past 30 years HIV has developed from an acute illness with a poor prognosis to a long-term condition with a near normal, if not enhanced, lifespan. HIV healthcare professionals have developed with these changes from supporting and managing acute, unwell people living with HIV, developing their palliative and terminal care skills, to today where they are now developing skills in preventative health and promotion of desirable healthy lifestyles. HIV as a long-term condition is now a reality for people living with HIV and healthcare professionals who manage, support and care for them. This continuing professional development (CPD) article will define long-term health for people living and ageing with HIV, describe the types of interventions available as well as discussing how we can best manage them; defining and discussing the role of the nurse in supporting self-care and self-management, and also looking at the annual health review and the nurse’s role in monitoring and developing this.
Keywords: HIV, long-term condition, house of care, prevention, self-care, self-management, annual health review