HIV care: learning from the past, and the right to health

Ian Hodgson
Independent Consultant, HIV Education and Research

Welcome to the 2018 spring issue of HIV Nursing, in its exciting new format! Since the last edition of HIV Nursing we’ve seen World AIDS Day come and go. It’s surprising to think that 2017 was the 29th World AIDS Day, and reminds us that the HIV sector has a strong and rich legacy; there is still much to learn, but it’s important not to forget the past. One example of how this can be prevented is the 2017 film AIDS: Doctors and Nurses tell their Stories [1], which includes interviews and insights from those involved in supporting people affected by HIV, and those affected, in its first decades. This was a difficult time, when effective treatment was not available and AIDS seemed on the ascendant. A second example is the EUROPACH project [2], launched in 2016 and led from Berlin’s Humboldt University. This research study aims to track the historic development of HIV policy in four European countries since the 1980s to map the dynamics of activism and the HIV response that eventually led to significant policy change. We can always learn from history, and the legacy of that time must not be forgotten. Read more…