HIV complex care and care coordination: the nurse’s role

Shaun Watson
Clinical Nurse Specialist (HIV Community)


Over the past 30 years treatment for HIV has developed to a point where today, people living with HIV now have a near normal lifespan. However, living and ageing with HIV, just like the general ageing population, means that healthcare professionals are now managing, supporting and caring for a group of people who are at risk of developing increasing numbers of comorbidities and complexities. The management of HIV and complex care is now a priority for all healthcare professionals. This article will define the complexities experienced by people living and ageing with HIV; describe the types of complex issues seen and discuss how we can best support and manage those who are faced with HIV and complexity; and also define and consider the nurse’s role in care coordination and complex case management.
Key words: HIV, complexity, complex care, case management, care coordination, integrated care