HIV complex case audit 2012/13

Bob Downes1, Pauline Jelliman1, Mark Lammas2,
Michelle Conway3
1HIV Nurse Specialist; 2Governance Co-ordinator; 3Governance ssistant, Liverpool Community Health NHS Trust, UK

Complex cases command a huge investment, of both nursing time and NHS resources. Care outcomes are often disappointing, even following years of engagement, and at our regular clinical supervision sessions the HIV Community team have often highlighted the challenges they face in supporting complex cases. The service requirement upon us to access regular clinical supervision, as a team, has provided much-needed support through some extremely challenging situations whilst managing these patients. Three BHIVA guidelines are used as model-of-care frameworks for our team in managing complex cases:
Treatment guidelines 2012 [1];
Opportunistic infections guidelines [2];
Investigation and monitoring guidelines [3].
A previous audit undertaken by the HIV Community team highlighted that complex patients often have chaotic lifestyles, with substance misuse a common component – and the cases cared for by our team are no exception. Read more…