Manchester model of complex care

Jacqueline Houston, Emily Hufton and Rebecca Leech
Northern Integrated Contraception, Sexual Health and HIV Service,
Hathersage Centre, Manchester, UK

The emergence of successful antiretroviral therapy (ART) has significantly contributed to improvements in HIV care over the last 20 years. HIV has been redefined as a chronic manageable condition [1], of which the medical management may seem, on the surface, quite straightforward. Despite significant medical advances, challenges remain to achieving successful engagement in care, adherence to treatment and enjoyment of a good quality of life [2]. An emerging subpopulation of vulnerable HIV patients with complex needs and chaotic lifestyles coupled with significant recent cuts to social care poses new and specific challenges for HIV care. The identified patient challenges invariably fall under the remit of the nurse working within the HIV clinic; therefore, as a nursing team in a Manchester clinic we were keen to explore ways in which we could proactively manage patients who were identified as having complex needs. The following article will explore the development of a model of care for managing the complex patient. Read more…