HIV nursing and research

James Meek
Senior Lecturer Sexual and Reproductive Health, University of Central Lancashire

Hello and welcome to this issue of HIV Nursing. I am really excited about this edition, which has a focus on research in HIV care, something that I am very passionate about. I must thank all the authors who have taken their time to produce pieces of work for this edition. The journal would not be possible without the contribution from authors. If you would like to write for the journal or have an idea you would like to talk through with one of us, please do get in touch.

This isn’t the first time the journal has had a theme of research. In spring 2014, we had an issue on research, which published some interesting pieces of work [1]. I took the opportunity in the editorial then to talk about why nurses are afraid of research and how we should continue to progress with nurses leading the way. At that time, I had not long left my position as a HIV Nurse Specialist and took the leap into academia at the University of Central Lancashire. I knew I wanted to be more involved with research and hoped a career in academia would be the way forward.

I’ve been lucky to be involved in several research projects and have a few more in the pipeline with the excellent team I work with, who have recently interviewed eight sexual health nurses, using semistructured interviews to explore their knowledge and perceptions of service users who use mobile dating technology. Although only a small study it did note that sexual health nurses did not feel they had enough knowledge on mobile dating technology or how service users who access sexual health services are using them. The study noted that sexual health nurses thought mobile dating apps were being used more frequently and that service users were happy to talk to nurses about it, however, the nurses interviewed would like more training on the topic.We are currently editing the work produced for publication [2]. Read more…