HIV Nursing and Research

James Meek
Senior Lecturer, Sexual and Reproductive Health, University of Central Lancashire, UK

Hello and welcome to the final issue of HIV Nursing for 2018. I am always really excited about this issue, which has a focus on research in HIV care, something that I am very passionate about. I first must thank all of the authors who have taken time to produce their valuable articles. The journal would not be possible without the contribution from members of the HIV
nursing community. If you would like to write for the journal or have an idea you would like to talk through with one of us, please do get in touch. Secondly, a thank you to Mediscript for all of their work in supporting us to produce this issue. HIV and research is something I’m personally interested in and am following two studies at the moment, the SELPHI study [1] and
the PrEP Impact Trial [2]. Read more. . .