How to conduct a literature review: a process that should be familiar to nurses

Katie Rowson
University of Central Lancashire

Background: Having worked in paediatric HIV services as a Clinical Nurse Specialist, and in research over the last decade, changes in practice, based on evidence and ongoing findings, have been a common occurrence. More recently, an academic role has highlighted to me the challenges that nurses may be faced with when conducting a literature review. This short paper will describe the importance of reviewing the literature as part of the role of the nurse, and provide some guidance in conducting a literature review. Abstract: Writing and research can be challenging for nurses at undergraduate and postgraduate level; however, understanding the process and developing the skills to conduct a literature review with a staged strategy will positively affect care delivery. Nurses have a responsibility to deliver care based on the best evidence available [1]. Therefore, developing the necessary skills to conduct a literature review is beneficial to both nurses and those in their care.