Kyle Carabini


People living with HIV (PLWH) present to us in our clinical areas with numerous issues. Health problems are identified, diagnostic testing and regular monitoring takes place. As health professionals we aim to do the best we can for our patients by attempting to address these problems and providing working solutions for them. But do we always address one of the main challenges faced by those living with HIV: stigma. Long-standing evidence proves that stigma poses a major issue in HIV care and not only affects those living with HIV but the people around them, as well as those who are most at risk of contracting the virus. The aim of this article is to highlight the issues of HIV-related stigma that are present to this day, despite the fact that HIV is now considered a chronic, manageable condition with improved outcomes. Current situations will be presented with ideas of solutions that could be developed to address stigma and provide support to those who have been victims of its effects.

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