Zahraa Hayder Razzaq Elham Abed Mahdi


Objective: firstly to Investigating and evaluating of plasmin- plasminogen markers that include; uPA, tPA, plasmin, in sera of malignant and benign tumors patients and compare them markers levels to their corresponding healthy controls, secondly to studying the possible relationship between plasmin-plasminogen system variables, and thirdly to Prediction which one of plasmin-plasminogen system variables is more specificity and sensitivity to choose it to be good tumor marker. Design and Methods: The experiments comparing the plasmin activator in 160 individuals subdivided to three groups: first group consisted from 80 patients with malignant tumors between the ages of (30-63) years while the second group comprised from 40 patients with benign tumors between the ages of (30-60)years, and third group consisted from 40 subjects who appeared in healthy characterization(control group) between the ages of (27-63)years. All participants underwent to the medical examinations to make sure they have tumors. The activity of plasmin, urokinase-type plasminogen activator (u-PA) and tissue plasminogen activator (t-PA) was determined by applied ELISA method by certain kit in all study groups individuals. Results: The results of the statistical analysis in the current study showed a significant decrease in the levels of (p > 0.05) uPA , tPA ,and plasmin (p = 0.000) in patients with malignant tumors compared to benign and healthy controls, and the same results were observed when comparing the healthy and benign control together.

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uPA, tPA, Plasmin, Malignant tumors

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