Aashruthaa S R. Gayathri Jayalakshmi Somasundaram V. Vishnu Priya Kavitha.S



The oral cavity is an ideal medium for bacterial growth. Exposure to microorganisms through blood and saliva have a high risk for transmission of infectious diseases. Constant usage of dental instruments promote proliferation of microbes and pose potential risk to immunocompromised patients. Bioluminometer can be used to instantly verify the contamination.

Materials and Methods:

Samples were taken using ultrasnap swabs at areas of high exposure, especially the dental tray and dental light. The microbial load was measured using the Hygiene bio luminometer and the results were analysed statistically.


There was a significant decline in microbial load post disinfection. It can be inferred that regular disinfection protocells need to.be maintained in order to protect both patients and healthcare professionals.


The use of a luminometer to measure microbial load is highly useful as its fast and can.verify the load instantly. Disinfection in regular intervals causes significant decrease in contamination and hence, a protocol needs to be followed after every consultation to prevent disease transmission. It can also pinpoint the high exposure areas that need regular disinfection so that the disinfection can be used with more caution.

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Dental health, infection control, decontamination, hygiene, novel method, bio luminometer, innovative technique

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