B.Avantika V. Vishnu Priya Jayalakshmi Somasundaram Gayathri. R Kavitha.S



In order to avoid the spread of pathogens from patient to health care personnel and laboratory assistants,it is the duty of health care personnel to disinfect the infection . In this pandemic scenario it is a necessity to critically evaluate the efficiency of the impression disinfectant to implement in our clinical practice.

Aim and Objective:

To evaluate the impression disinfectant (iodophor,povidone iodine, 2% of glutaraldehyde).

Materials and Methods:

Sample from 9 patients, Bioluminometer swabs were used then disinfectants were used to disinfect the infection.

Results and Conclusion:

Totally 3 disinfectants are used for the efficiency of disinfecting the infection on the alginate impressions. In this study I conclude that glutaraldehyde could be an effective disinfectant for impression disinfection for its use in clinical dentistry.

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Pathogens, novel method, health care person, impression disinfectant,alginate, bio luminometer, innovative technique.

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