Jeshurun Jegan R. Gayathri Selvaraj Jayaraman V. Vishnu Priya Kavitha.S



Diabetes interferes with the body’s ability to metabolic sugar for energy. By far the most devastating aspect of diabetes is the long term complications it causes. Argyreia nervosa is a large climber known for its pharmacological properties which includes anti-microbial, analgesic, anti-inflammatory and various other properties.

Materials and Methods:

Fair groups of rats were taken, six rats in each group.The Group-1 rats were kept normal as such.Group-2 were diabetic rats. Group-3 as diabetic rats treated with A.nervosa.Group-4 rats were normal rats treated with A.nervosa. Then the animal is sacrificed and the gastrocnemius muscle is isolated. This is further analyzed through gene expression along with Real-time PCR.

Results and conclusion:

The control condition was normal.In diabetic condition NrF2 was reduced and Keap-1 gene was increased. The present study shows that STZ alters the glucose metabolism which was treated by A.nervosa.

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Insulin resistance, diabetes, novel method, gastrocnemius muscle , gene expression analysis , glucose metabolism, innovative technique.

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