Santhosh S R. Gayathri Jayalakshmi Somasundaram V. Vishnu Priya Kavitha.S


Introduction: The microbiological quality of dental unit waterline is considered to be important as the water enters the oral cavity of the patients and the quality of the water should be suitable for consumption.Pathogens present in the dental chair waterlines can be transmitted to patients or the doctor and cause some major threat to patients or the doctor and cause some major threat to immunosuppressive patients,

Aim: To assess the microbial load in the dental chair waterlines.

Materials and methods: Ultrasnap ATP device is used with a hygienic bio luminometer. Assessment of microbial load is done beforeĀ  and after the disinfection of dental chair waterlines.Sodium hypochlorite is used as disinfecting agent.Results are analyzed using T-test.

Result and Discussion: Before disinfection the microbial load was 85RLU which reduced down to 49RLU shows the effectiveness of disinfection by bringing down by 42%. From this study we can conclude the effectiveness of the disinfection process and its necessity.

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Novel method, bio luminometer, innovative technique, microbial load, dental chair.

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