Aqeel Abd Al-Hamza Marhoon MSc


This study investigated the causes of newborns death in Diwaniyah, Iraq and establish a relationship between the causes leading to infant mortality with factors affecting newborns and the mother’s demographicinformation. A non-probability purposive sample was selected, consisting of 200 children in the Maternity and Children Hospital in Diwaniyah. The data was collected in three axes: the first axis focussed on the demographic data of the mother, the second explained the variables affecting the child and the third axis included the causes leading to deaths of newborns. The results showed that 55% of the mothers were 21-30 years, from rural areas (60%) and a primary education level (45%). The gestational age for a newborn child ranged between 36-40 weeks (60%). The gestational age of the children who died after birth was 28-32 weeks (40%). These data indicated that the percentage of premature babies was high. The newborn deaths in the age group (1-7 days) was the highest (55%), and the leading causes of neonatal deaths were premature (40%) and malformation including, respiratory distress syndrome, premature birth, malformation, infections, blood diseases, HIV and malnutrition (25%).

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newborn, causes of deaths

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