Wiwin Mintarsih Purnamasar Herni Kurnia Anggia Puspita Wawan Rismawan


HIV and AIDS is a disease that continues to develop and has become a global problem that is sweeping
the world. HIV is a virus that attacks the white blood cells in the body (lymphocytes) which causes a
decrease in human immunity, while AIDS is a symptom of a disease that arises due to decreased
immunity. In these cases, it is often found that someone who has sex with the same sex or what is
commonly known as LSL / MSM (Lelaki Seks Lelaki / Male Sex With Men) is a risk group that is susceptible
to HIV-AIDS. The percentage of HIV positive AIDS cases in Indonesia in 2018 in men was 63.8%. In 2018
out of 99 cases, 55 people who tested positive for HIV / AIDS were LSL in Tasikmalaya City. This study
aims to obtain information about HIV and AIDS prevention behavior in LSL related to the length of time
they were LSL, perceptions of positive and negative behavior of being LSL, access to information,
personal freedom, and measures to prevent HIV and AIDS transmission. This research design is
descriptive with a qualitative approach. The informants were selected using the snowball sampling
technique with 3 informants from the LSL Community in the city of Tasikmalaya and 1 informant from
the AIDS Prevention Commission. The results showed that the informants 'attitudes and behavior control
influenced the informants' intention to take HIV and AIDS prevention, such as using condoms and
regularly participating in counseling and VCT tests.

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Lelaki Sex Lelaki (LSL), HIV / AIDS prevention behavior

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