Mohammed Qtait Khalid A. M. Alekel


Background: Burns are a large cause of injury world, serious complication that can lead to mortality in for patients. These complications could range from deformity and hospital length of stay and costs. Aim of the Study: The purpose of this study was to determine the impact of educational program on knowledge of doctor and nurses of essential burn care at south of west bank in Palestine. Design: A prospective educational intervention, using a pre-test and a post-test experimental design with the experimental and the control groups. Setting: This study was conducted in the south of west bank for nurse and doctors work in government sector in cities of Bethlehem and Hebron. Tools: the essential burn care test (these test from interburns organization the distribution about first total body surface area, the second for depth of burn, third fluid, fourth about surgical intervention, fifth about scar management, sixth about pain management and psychological support, and finally about nutrition for burn patient, and self-confidence. Finding A total of 205 participants for training in 2018. 27.3% from trainer doctor, and 72.7 % nurses, most of participants are age less than 40 years, 56.6% from participants work in hospitals, 43.4 % from participants work in primary health care. have poor knowledge at burn have improved after an educational intervention program (pre-intervention 52.6%versus post-intervention 90%. The self-confidence before training57%, and increase self Confidence post training to 88% about basic burn knowledge Conclusion and Recommendations: The current study shows that participant was having unsatisfactory total knowledge at the pre-program implementation, however, the score of total knowledge increased after the program. Therefore, further studies with different and large sample populations are recommended to add to these findings. Therefore, Hospital administrations in collaboration with continuous education committee should focus on establishing educational programs about burn patient.

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: Burn Education, Knowledge

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