Iin Octaviana Hutagaol Arini Cicik Mujianti Evy Setyawati Benny Harry Leksmon Situmorang


Background: This study aims to describe risk factors for vertical transmission of Covid-19 and report the clinical exterior Materials and Methods: The sampling technique is a total and univariate data processing to display the percentage. Results: 72 neonates of mothers who confirmed covid 19, not a single baby was confirmed after 24 hours of labor. The results showed that most maternity mothers with Sectio cesarean had as many as 52 respondents (72.2%). Based on the study results, nine mothers (12.5%) gave birth in fewer months (preterm). In confirmed maternity mothers covid 19, the majority of mothers were confirmed by 37 (51.4%) respondents affected by covid 19 and the minority of primipara mothers by 5 (6.9%) respondents. Conclusion: No baby has been confirmed positive after birth to a mother who has been confirmed positive for covid 19.

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Neonatal outcomes, Pregnant women, Covid 19

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