Faiza A. Abou El-Soud Haya Al- Fozan Hend M. Al-Ghadeer Sitah Al-Shutwi Hend Elazazey Zahra AlNasser Aouhood Alharbi Eman S. Miligi Samah Saad Salem Abdullah Alangari


Aim: to evaluate the impact of the first aid training program on school health staff knowledge, attitude, and practice at the National Guard girl schools, Riyadh-Saudi Arabia. Materials and Methods: Quasi-experimental design was used. A purposive sampling technique was conducted to enroll the study participants, the total number was 103 school health advisors/staff. A structured self-administered questionnaire was designed. Results: The findings pointed out that the mean age of the participants was (38.32 + 5.08). Sixty percent of the participants had less than 5 years of experience as school health staff and only 11.7% had received prior first aid training. There was a statistically significant difference between the total mean scores of the participants’ knowledge and practice in the pre/post-test. There was a substantial shift in participants’ positive attitudes towards the training program in the post-test compared to the pretest. Conclusion: Based on the results of the present investigation, there was an improvement in school health advisors’ knowledge, practices, and attitude toward first aid after the program application.

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First Aid, Training Program, Health Advisor

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