Gyanashree Bora


AIDS is a chronic, potentially life-threatening condition, caused by human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) that devastates the human immune function by destroying a type of white blood cells and thus obstruct human capacity to fight various infections. AIDS is known to be the final stage of HIV infection and AIDS happens when the human immune system is completely damaged by the infection caused by the virus leading to various types of infections and fatal diseases like cancer. Till date, there is no exact and final cure for HIV/AIDS, however, not every HIV positive individual develops AIDS. It was established by various research works that proper use of certain therapeutic agents can prevent the growth of HIV infection and completely avert its progression to AIDS and certain well acknowledged antiviral medications for HIV have reduced AIDS related global mortality. Thus, the recent research community is very much concerned with the preventive measures of the viral infection and numerous research works have been going on to amplify the accessibility of therapeutic agents that can provide prevention measures and proper cure in resource-poor countries. Many reports revealed the prospective benefits of antioxidant supplementation in diminution of HIV related infection via augmentation of human immune function and thus can prevent the development of AIDS. This review is aimed to explore the contribution of some well recognised antioxidants in HIV prevention and hindrance of AIDS progression along with their prospective applications in the treatment of the viral infection.

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HIV, AIDS, Antioxidant Molecules, Antioxidant Minerals, Vitamins, Phytochemicals.

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