Mohammed Hakim Shamran Al-Hchaim Shatha Saadi Mohammed


Background: Stroke is the third-ranking cause of death, with an overall mortality rate of 18 % to 37 %. There are approximately two million people surviving strokes that need assistance with activities of daily living. Stroke is the second leading cause of disability, after dementia. A disability may include loss of vision and/or speech, muscle weakness, and confusion. Methods: The present study was carried out by using a quasi-experimental design with two groups and consisted of four assessments (Pre-resistance exercise test, and three tests after implementation of regular resistance exercise) for experimental and comparison groups, in the period from 13th March to 10th December, 2022, with objective of assessing regular resistance exercise effectiveness in improving muscle strength among patient with stroke at Middle Euphrates Neuroscience Center. A total of (82) stroke patients were divided into experimental and comparison groups, which were included by non-probability purposive sampling methods. Results: After conducting regular resistance exercise (post-tests) revealed a significant improve muscle strength and enhance endurance by increasing the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to tissues and helping the cardiovascular system and musculoskeletal system work more and more efficiently and when heart and lung function improves, which increases energy for daily activity. Therefore, muscle performance will be increased. Conclusion: the study concluded application of the regular resistance exercise for at least six weeks is an effective approach to improving the muscle strength of patients with stroke compared to the comparison group. Recommendations: The study recommended further studies to prove the efficacy of alternative nursing rehabilitation techniques in minimizing stroke-related problems and nurses recommended to use the regular resistance exercises for stroke patients who suffer from muscle weakness.

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Regular Resistance Exercise, Muscle Strength, Stroke

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