Madjidova Yakuthon Nabievna Nasirova Iroda Ravshanovna Khusainova Nodira Turgunovna Gavrilova Tat'yana Alekseyevna Yunusova Rano Tulkinovna Ziyahodjaeva Latofat Uchkinovna


Cerebral palsy (cerebral palsy) is a non-progressive motor and psycho-speech disorders that are the result of damage to the nervous system in the pre- and perinatal period. Infantile cerebral palsy (cerebral palsy) is a group of stable disorders of motor development and posture maintenance that lead to limited functional activity and motor disorders caused by non-progressive damage and/or abnormality of the developing brain in a fetus or newborn child. In cerebral palsy, motor pathology is often combined with sensory system disorders (most often vision and hearing), cognitive dysfunctions, speech and developmental disorders of the child, symptomatic epilepsy, autonomic disorders, secondary orthopedic problems and others. Based on this article, the percentage of occurrence and severity of motor disorders in various clinical variants of cerebral palsy is analyzed.

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motor disorders, children, cerebral palsy.

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