SivaKumar Ramalingam Lazarus Vijune Lawrence Renuka Saravanan


Background and Objectives: Cancer is a metabolic and signalling disorder that results in unregulated cell division and survival. Despite different treatment strategies, each year the number of cancer cases is increasing every year. Chemotherapy and radiation therapy, in turn cause several side effects. Traditional medicines have demonstrated numerous promising effects in regulating cancer. Among them, Cleome gynandra, is a fascinating plant with high therapeutic potential. Method: This present study focused on investigating the antioxidant activity and cytotoxic effect of leaf extracts of Cleome gynandra against various cell lines such as HT-29, HepG2, and A549. Results: The anti-oxidant status revealed that the chloroform extract of Cleome gynandra possesses good scavenging activity of 82.24%. Based on MTT assay, the selected plants exhibit a potential cytotoxic effect with an IC50 value at 23.64 µg/ml concentration. Conclusion: Cleome gynandra is an excellent medicinal herb and could be used as a potential anti-cancer and anti-oxidant agent.

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Anti-cancer, Antioxidant, Cell lines, Cleome gynandra, MTT assay.

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