Masood Ahmed Muhammad Abid Owais Abdul Rehman Mushtaque Ahmed Abbasi Syed Moin Islam Shah Imtiaz Ali Langah


Background: Typhoid enteritis is a dangerous disease which has certain complications. One of its complications is typhoid ileal perforation which is very serious and is associated with a high rate of mortality and morbidity in a number of tropical countries. Objective: The purpose to conduct this study was to study typhoid ileal perforation and the prognostic factors that are associated with it. Study design: A cross-sectional study Place and Duration: This study was conducted at People's University of Medical and Health Sciences Nawabshah from October 2021 to October 2022 Methodology: Overall, 40 patients were included in this research. All of the patients had typhoid perforation. All of the participants were treated surgically at the surgical unit of our department. The clinical diagnosis includes an edematous and acutely inflamed terminal ileum, intraoperative results of ileal perforation, and a positive Widal test which was completed by the radiological outcomes of pneumoperitoneum. After adequate resuscitation, every participant went under exploratory laparotomy through lower-midline incisions. Results: A total of 19 males, representing 47.5% of the participants, and 21 females, representing 52.5% of the participants, were included in this research. All of the patients’ age was falling in the range of 2 years to 55 years. The average age calculated was 13.5 years. The rate of morbidity was found to be 49.1 percent. The most common complications recorded after the surgery were burst abdomen, wound infection, residual intra-abdominal abscesses, wound dehiscence, and enterocutaneous fistula. The rate of mortality was found to be 15 percent. Severe peritoneal contamination, multiple perforations, and burst abdomen affected the mortality rate significantly. The average hospital stay was 16 days. The range of days for stay was from 8 days to 57 days. Conclusion: In this research, typhoid ileal perforation was described and the prognostic factors associated with it, which would have an influence on the mortality.

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