Ali Kadhim Hasen Abdulabbas Abdulrazzaq Abbood


This study dealt with the personal characteristics and social cohesion of the players schools specialized in football in the southern region, because it is considered one of the processes of psychological preparation for the players and the knowledge of their personal characteristics. From this point of view, the player must have a good amount of personal characteristics, and thus social cohesion occurs in the team to obtain good results. This is according to what the player possesses of personal characteristics and how they are employed within the specialized school. The researcher used the descriptive method in the survey method due to its suitability to the nature of the study, and the research community represented the players of specialized schools in football in the southern region (Dhi Qar - Basra - Maysan - Wasit). ) junior class players, and the researcher prepared a measure of personal characteristics and built a measure of social cohesion, after which the researcher extracted the scientific foundations and applied the appropriate statistical methods. And the results showed that the application sample had the average level in the social cohesion scale, and this is related to personal characteristics. Hence, the researcher concluded that the social cohesion scale is able to measure the research sample. The researcher recommended adopting the social cohesion scale to reveal the degree of team cohesion and the need for the coach to pay attention to the player's personal characteristics and work on developing them.

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Personal traits; social cohesion; southern region

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