Oxserio Benites Regina L. Hale


Health literacy is an individual’s understanding of and ability to make decisions related to health information. High levels of health literacy are beneficial in making informed health-related decisions. Knowledge related to HIV is relevant to society as >36 million individuals are estimated to be living with HIV worldwide. This research study explored HIV knowledge of young adults enrolled at a university in the US. Study participants (N = 105) completed the Brief HIV-Knowledge Questionnaire. While the mean survey score was 77%, participants aged 18–19 years scored an average of 54%. Those who had been tested for HIV scored significantly higher than those who had not been tested. Moreover, 64% reported having an HIV-negative status but only 39% reported having been tested for HIV. The results indicate that HIV education related to transmission, protection, and testing are needed.

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HIV, health literacy, HIV knowledge, Brief HIV Knowledge Questionnaire

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