Ali Osamah Abdulrazzaq Al-Itbi Turgumbayeva Aknur


Today, scientists all over the world are studying medicinal plants. Since people have been using medicinal plants for a long time, they are an important and cheap source of medicines. Due to a lack of technology, most ancient medicines came from plants, and it has been shown that using plants as medicine works. Lantana camara is a member of the Verbenaceae family. The present study was carried out on the phytochemical investigation and antimicrobial activities of the extracts of Lantana camara from Iraq. The aerial part of the Lantana camara herb was sequentially extracted with organic solvents: n-Hexane, ethanol, and methanol. Chemical compositions were analyzed by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC/MS). L. camara has been found to contain several important phytochemicals, such as triterpenoids, flavonoids, alkaloids, saponins, steroids, and tannins. It is also known as a plant that makes essential oil, which is sold on the market as Lantana oils. Researchers need a full report on the economic and medical benefits of L. camara as well as its ethnobotanical, phytochemical, and biological activity. This review will be helpful for people studying medicinal plant phytochemical analysis, antibacterial activity, and anti-fungal activity of Lantana camara.

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Lantana camara, n-Hexane extract, Ethanolic extract, Methanolic extract.

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