Durar Kamil Jabbar Noor M. Ali Hala Abdul qadir


Background: The loss of ovarian function before the age of 40 is referred to as premature ovarian failure (POF). The term describes the state in which the ovaries have lost their hormonal and germinative capacities as a result of the ovarian follicles becoming exhausted before the customary age for physiological menopause. Genetic factors such as gene polymorphism and acquired factors such as serum levels of 17-alpha hydroxylase enzyme may play a role in the pathogenesis of this condition. Aim of the study: To investigate the association of inhibin alpha gene polymorphism with 17-alpha hydroxylase activity in women with premature ovarian failure. Patients and methods: The study included forty (40) women with signs and symptoms of POF and forty (40) fertile and healthy women to represent the control group. Patients and control individuals were collected from three fertility units in Iraq, Um- Albaneen fertility center in Al-Imamain Al-Kadhimain Madical City - Baghdad, Higher Institute of Infertility Diagnosis and Assisted Reproductive Techniques - Baghdad, and from the infertility unit in Womens and childrens hospital at Al-Diwaniyah city. Samples collection was performed during the period extended from August 2021 to Spetember 2022. Patients consent was obtained from all participating women. Data about age and body mass index were collected. Serum 17-alphahydroxylase level was measured by ELISA. Genetic study of INH-alpha (rs35118453 C/T) genotypes and alleles was done. Results: Mean serum 17-alphahydroxylase of POF was significantly lower than that of control group, 0.03 ±0.02 (nmol/L) versus 50.69 ± 47.17 (nmol/L), respectively (p < 0.001). With respect to INH-alpha (rs35118453 C/T) gene polymorphism, co-dominance, dominance and recessive modes, all showed no significant association between CC, CT or TT genotypes with POF when compared to control group (p > 0.05) However, allelic analysis, revealed that allele C was more significantly associated with POF in comparison with control group, 72 versus 62, respectively and that allele T was less significantly associated with POF in comparison with control group (p = 0.023).Conclusion: Premature ovarian failure is significantly predisposed by INH-alpha (rs35118453 C/T) alleles.

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Premature ovarian failure, INH-alpha, 17-alphahydroxylase

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