Ruaa Sabah Jubair Nawal Mehdi Firhan Alkhalidi Jawad Kadhim Al- Diwan


Background: Symptomatic gallstone disease represents the most common cause of biliary disorders for which cholecystectomy is performed, and more than half of those patients with gallstones have a concomitant lipid disorder. Objectives: to assess high density lipoprotein(HDL) cholesterol among those with cholecystectomy and determine the relationship between it and dietary history , exercise and anthropometric measurements. Materials and Methods: A cross- sectional study had been done during the period from June 16 2022 to December 16 2022 at Hospital of gastroenterology in Baghdad medical city. 136 patients was studied from the patients admitted to the hospital and underwent cholecystectomy. A questionnaire form including sociodemographic information's, anthropometric measurements , dietary history and using of lipid lowering drugs and obtaining the HDL cholesterol to the patients. The data were collected by direct interview with the patients. Results: The results showed that 110 ( 80.9%) of the participants were with a low HDL cholesterol with significant association with body mass index, waist circumference, the period since cholecystectomy was done, eating pattern, frequency of dinning out, mean of calories intake, mean of carbohydrate percentage and mean of protein percentage in 7 days recall. Conclusions: Normal HDL cholesterol level presented in those eat usually home prepared food with mean calorie intake of ≤ 2000 calories, mean carbohydrate percentage of ≤ 60% and calories intake of ≤ 20% from proteins in 7 days recall.

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HDL cholesterol, cholecystectomy.

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