Dr. S. Vijay Ganesh Dr. Aniket Jadhav Dr. Anupam Sharma Dr JeeshriyaRajan Dr. Abhijit Bajirao Jadhav Dr. Komal Pravin Bhosale


Ever since the first clinical appearance of AIDS in 1981, there has also been an unusual increase in the accumulation of rare and fatal illnesses due to the immunosuppression of such patients. During the first decade of the HIV epidemic HIV and AIDS were discussed as a disease with a fulminant course that is capable of leading to rapid death. Earlier, infected individuals were at a much higher risk of getting opportunistic infections than healthy patients. Due to the advent of Highly Active Anti-Retroviral Therapy (HAART), HIV has gradually become a chronic immunodeficiency disease. Medical advances to tackle this disease is constantly aimed at improving the immune status of infected patients which enhances their quality of life and lifespan. Information regarding the pathology and clinical progress of apical periodontitis and prognosis of endodontic treatment in these patients is limited. Results of clinical studies suggest that endodontic treatment in HIV infected patients have a poorer prognosis due to the compromised immune system. Non-surgical endodontic treatment should be routine for these patients and must be done on an out-patient basis with strict infection control measures and it is important that a dentist should not ethically refuse treatment for these individuals due to their HIV status.

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