Gamila S.T Abbas Bassem El Nahass Mona M. Ibrahim Wessam G. Abosenna Walid A. Ebeid


Osteosarcomas are considered the most common primary bone tumor. Following lymphomas and brain cancers, it is considered the third most common cancer among children and adolescents, with an incidence of 3.4 per million people per year worldwide. Osteosarcomas are best treated with preoperative chemotherapy, surgery, and then postoperative chemotherapy. Patients frequently have some ongoing physical issues. These include the inability to perform an active range of motion, reduced muscle strength, gait abnormalities, impaired motor control, and limb-length discrepancies. In order to restore daily living activities, enhance quality of life, and enhance patients' psychological status, postoperative rehabilitation exercises are essential.The purpose of the current review article is to discuss postoperative rehabilitation strategies and exercise considerations for patients with distal femur osteosarcoma who had underwent endoprosthesis reconstruction.

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Osteosarcoma, bone tumor, endoprosthesis, rehabilitation, exercises.

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