Shewani Kumari Nelofar Ara Rohini Dabgotra Dr. Hilal Ahamd Dar


As per United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) at the end of 2021, nearly 36.5 million children had been displaced as an outcome of violence and conflict. The ramifications of this conflict-related displacement on education are tremendous. The study focuses on challenges for educational opportunities in displaced settings, including constraints to access, the prolonged nature of displacement, less social integration, and the desire to achieve the goal of excellence. The imperative information for the study has been conducted with the help of primary as well as secondary sources. Health issues in terms of both physical and psychological are adding further problems among children which later became the hurdle in continuing their education. The sample for the study has been collected from the temporarily displaced people, who are getting displaced at the time of firing and shelling in border regions. The purely qualitative approach was followed to get the accurate results of the study. The central theme of the study is based on two prospects; i) how displacement is impacting the education system and ii) how it can include displaced children in the current educational system and strengthen it.

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Border, Children, Conflict, Displacement, Education

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