Makesh Babu Subramanian Sugasri Sureshkumar Dr. Parthkumar Devmurari Dr. Syed Abudaheer Kajamohideen Shenbaga Sundaram Subramanian


Background: Nurses and nursing students are responsible for encouraging healthy lifestyles and habits in patients and regarding this, they are more aware of the necessity of fitness. In addition, nursing students face a severe lack of time and fitness obligations that prevent them from indulging in regular exercise.  Materials and Methods: A secondary data collection method has been followed in this study for collecting reliable and relevant qualitative data from valid journals, websites and newspaper articles. The findings have been explained and illustrated by conducting a thematic analysis. Results: The results of this study have disclosed that female nursing students suffer from various health issues, including high mental stress, which impacts their mental as well as physical health. Conclusion: An effective influence of regular exercise and fitness habits has been identified on the health of female nursing students. These practices have a vital positive influence on promoting health as well as improving academic and job performance.

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Female Nursing Students, Health and Fitness, Lack of Time, Mental Stress, Regular Exercise.

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