Natawan Khumsaen Supannee Peawnalaw Siritida Sripituk Ausaniyaphon Chantorn


The study investigated knowledge, attitude, and preventive practice (KAP) concerning COVID-19 among Thai people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA). A cross-sectional online survey was conducted in January 2021. Google forms were used and shared through Line application. A set of KAP questionnaires was used to collect data. Results were analyzed using SPSS software.A total of 204 participants reported that they had a good knowledge; and possessed a positive attitude towards COVID-19. They were confident that Thailand can win the battle against COVID-19; and COVID-19 will be successfully controlled. For preventive behaviors, participants wore a face mask when leaving home and avoided crowded places. PLWHA who are on ART<1 year scored significantly higher as compared to both PLWHA who are on ART 1-5 years and who are on ART>5 years. About 26% of the participants reported television as the most commonly source of information on COVID-19. Our findings are valuable in informing nurses to plan an effective communication campaign by incorporating KAP regarding COVID-19 as modifying factors.

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COVID-19, HIV/AIDS, knowledge, attitude, practice

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