Mrs. Jyothi Quadras Dr. Anitha Jayaraj Dr. Johnson Pradeep R MD Dr. Rajeswari Singaravelu


Background: Alcohol use disorders not only affect the individual person but also their family. Wives of individuals with alcohol dependence are often affected by the harm caused by alcohol. There is a need to assess their resilience and empower them to face challenging situations. The objective of this study is to develop a resilience scale specifically for these wives and evaluate its reliability and validity.Methodology: The study will adopt a mixed approach using sequential exploratory design, combining qualitative and quantitative methods. The qualitative phase will include a literature review and focus group discussions and in-depth interviews to generate a pool of items. The integration phase will evaluate the content and face validity of the instrument through a panel of experts. The quantitative phase will use exploratory and confirmatory factor analysis to validate the scale and measure its reliability through ICC The study will be conducted among wives of persons with alcohol dependence during their husband's admission in the departments of Psychiatry and gastroenterology of St. John’s Medical College Hospital, and associated community centers at Bangalore, Karnataka state. The participants will be wives of persons with alcohol dependence who accompany their husbands during their admission. Participants will be screened using modified MINI screen.Conclusion: The results of this study will help identify resilience among these wives and improve it through strength-based therapy. The development of a specific resilience scale for these wives will be a valuable tool in their assessment and empowerment.

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Resilience, Alcohol Dependence, Development and Validation

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