Feroza Fatima Ali Riaz Yasir Aljoudi Mohamed Tarek Elshawaf


Background: Topical steroids (TS) can be easily obtained from any pharmacy as an over-the-counter (OTC) drug which is why they are being used without any prescription from a dermatologist. Most of the people that use these TS are not completely aware of the adverse effects of these creams.Objective: To assess the outcomes of self-administered topical steroids on the face for various purposesStudy design: A cross-sectional studyPlace and Duration: This study was conducted at Primary Healthcare Care Corporation, Doha, Qatar from June 2021 to June 2022Methodology: The study was based on a questionnaire. Both male and female patients were added to the current study. The minimum age set for inclusion was 16 years. All the patients who attended the outpatient clinic with dermatoses as a result of the consumption of TS were added to the study. The patients were acquired about the application, prescription, purpose of misuse, and the side effects of the steroids which they presented in the clinic. After that, the patients were examined for the apparent side effects of the drug such as erythema, dyspigmentation, telangiectasia, acne, hypertrichosis, etcResults: A total of 120 patients were added to the study. Most of the participants were female 86 (71.67%). The most abundantly used drug was betamethasone 0.1% and clioquinol 3%. The patients had used them for an average duration of 6 months, the shortest being 14 days and the longest duration being 3.5 years. The most common purpose for which the TS was misused was acne by 46 (38.33%) of the participants and for fairness by 27 (22.5%) of the participants. The most commonly observed side effect of TS was eruptions in 30 (25%) of patients and dyspigmentation in 20 (16.67%) of patients.Conclusion: The increased abuse of topical steroids is alarming. It is important to educate and aware people of the drawbacks of unnecessary consumption of topical steroids and their adverse effects.

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Topical steroids, acne, fairness, dermatoses, eruptions, adverse effects

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