Abdelkarim Elbzour Mohammed El meskine Dr. Abdullah El Ghouasli Dr kassimi abdelih


The topic is related to the pragmatic of the physicality of the word and the spirituality of the meaning from the Usoul’s point of view. It deals on the pragmatic side, which has acquired accurate scientific concepts such as the similar, the coherent, the abrogating, the abrogated, the spoken, the apprehended, the absolute, the restricted, and other terms that can only be understood in the context of grammatical meaning. The research is related to the Usouli consideration of the user and the individual situation of the deductive approach to meaning for the Usoulis. Then the meaning of the text in the context of the word and meaning, which this latter shows is that the principle in the words of the legislator and the texts of its rulings is that they are templates for their exposed meaning. Also, the research in its depth aims to achieve the consideration of the circulating of the word and the meaning through the conceptual relationship of the meanings، wisdoms and reasons, through which we may make the text controlled by precise scientific rules instead of the two authorities: the authority of the reader and the authority of the text. The view was clear from the title, Which in itself represents the moderation in the application instead of the sharp conflict between the Usouli’s schools, like the school of the Mutakalimoun, which overly use rationality in terms of interpretation and meaning. On the other hand, the school that advocated the Arabs’ standard of understanding and revelation. Thus, the research revealed a middle stage between the two schools according to scientific foundations.

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Grammatical meaning, word and meaning, Usul Al-Fiqh, pragmatic linguistic, linguistic application.

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