Rafal Haider Al-Ebrahemi Malak Majid Almusawi


The present study was carried out in the period May-August 2022 in An-Najaf Province, Iraq. The study aimed to classify hard ticks in cattle through molecular techniques. About 468 hard ticks were collected from naturally infested cattle which considered an important economic source of income. Phenotypic examination, then Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) were applied using a primer for cox1 gene for the diagnosis of Hyalomma. Sequencing of 18S rRNA gene was done to identified the Hyalomma species. Result of Hyalomma genus was proven in PCR, while sequence analysis and phylogenetic tree appeared one species Hyalomma truncatum that was recorded for the first time in Najaf.

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Hyalomma spp.; PCR, RNA, Iraq

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